27 May - 6 June 2019

Summer trekking to Mardi Himal Base Camp

Green flowering hills, mystic rhododendron forest,puffy clouds and shinig moutntains.
27 May - 6 June 2019
Summer trekking to Mardi Himal Base Camp

The trek to the base camp of Mardi Himal passes through the Annapurna National Park. In this tranquil hike, we will stroll along the flower meadows and the sunlit valleys. We'll get into the fabulous Himalayan jungle and plunge into the thick shady forest, filled with the singing of birds, the voices of wild animals, overgrown with mosses and orchids. Along the way, we will continually get into the fluffy clouds and walk in the cool fog. The path will take us to quite wild natural places and small mountain settlements, where we will spend the night in simple village houses, enjoy peace and silence, try a simple fragrant meal.
Dates: 27 May - 6 June 2019
Price: 1050 USD
Advanced payment till 1st April 2019: 300 USD
Participants— 4- 9 people.
Sometimes the road will lead us to the herds of yaks and goats peacefully grazing on grassy slopes. And in the mountains we will hope to meet a snow leopard: to see this beautiful cat is a rarity and a great fortune :) We will go up to Mardi Himal Base Camp, where in front of us in all its glory there will be a snow panorama to Annapurna, Hinchuli and Mount Machapuchare, known as "Fish tail".

This green summer trekking will make you happy with the warm wet weather - you will not have to fear the cold or scorching heat and carry many warm things. We will walk quietly, calmly move around stop for long halts, meditate and admire the pristine natural beauty.
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Day 1. Arrival in Kathmandu. First meeting.
Pick up and transfer from airport to hotel.
Evening we will meet for pre dinner shopping.
The city of Kathmandu has many items for trekking easily available: warm clothing, sleeping bags, trekking bags, trekking sticks rain coat, etc.
Dinner on your own. There are plenty of nice cafes and restaurants. Common dishes are Dhal Bhat, Momo are Nepalese specialty

Day 2. Kathmandu - Pokhara - Kande - Australian Camp.
Early in the morning, we set off on an unforgettable journey through the Himalayas. The starting point, which we first need to get to - is a small picturesque town of Pokhara and a little above the village of Kande (1700m).

We will go by the tourist bus, watching from the windows at flashing panoramas of distant peaks, mountain streams and endless expanses of evergreen fields. From the village, we will climb to the place of the first overnight stop - Australian Camp (2000m). Still completely, not at all tired, we will already be at that point of the journey, from which we can see how the clouds hug the mountains, how the noise remains somewhere far below, how nature breathes with calmness and involuntarily causes pacification in us. Ending the day, we will see how the sun, leaving the horizon, gradually slides down the wooded slopes, gently illuminates the silent peaks and flashes the last rays of the abyss of the blue sky. We contemplate and enjoy the first rest :)

Day 3. Australian Camp (2000m) - Forest Camp (2600m).
In the morning we start our way to Forest Camp. The path runs up and down, looping through the dense oak forests - branches of old trees hang there and there over the road, allowing you to touch and like to greet them. We go in a soft cool misty cloud that envelops fluffy crowns, spreads along the grass and causes a feeling of unreality and fairy-tale floating patterns. Heard, as the waterfalls rumble, mountain rivulets beat against pebbles, birds chirp about something.

A small guest at Forest Camp pleases the eye with its blue windows and doors, a blossoming well-tended terrace and a long-awaited roof over the head after the second crossing.

The evening is still long - we rest, we rejoice in the hot fire in the stove, hot dinner, and delicious tea. Before our eyes we have the green endless slopes of the mountains, the roofs of the local houses are often seen, and the roads wind up as thin snakes. Above the head is a clear sky and clouds that you can grasp with your hands. And somewhere high up in the distant mountains are sleeping - waiting for us in silence :)

Day 4. Forest Camp (2600m) - Low Camp (2900m).
The road to Low Camp is probably the most fantastic part of the road. We will make our way through the forest, unforgettable for the mystic beauty. Rhododendrons, which more and more appear at this altitude, twist and weave with their dark trunks and branches against the background of bright-juicy greens. Glimpses of the sun in their bizarre pattern create a picture as if from a parallel world. The unforgettable silence of the jungle whispering in unknown languages. Legs are buried in soft moss and foliage.

After few hours of walking up we suddenly will come out of the shady thickets to Low Camp, which is located on a clear sunny glade.

Day 5. Low Camp (2900m) - High Camp (3550m).
The path gradually takes us out of the bizarre forest into open spaces. The tops of South Annapurna, Hinchuli and Machapuchare now openly look at us and move towards us. Around us tall and thick grass. Above the head is a clear blue, which flows smoothly from the sky over the wooded slopes, creeps along an endless green carpet and with a blue haze wraps up the distant snow peaks. When the sun raises high above the earth - light floods everything around, blinds with a snowy whiteness in the clouds. Vegetation, filled with light, contrasts with the sky and white peaks as if burning with its moss greens.

Then we reach the High Camp. The clouds are under your feet. The sunset passes above them and freely, without clinging to obstacles, hides behind the edge of the earth. Black mountains, a white fluffy veil in the valleys and stars ... Boundless cosmos that falls in the night with its silent eternity.

Day 6. High Camp (3550m) - Base Camp (4600m) - Low Camp (2900m).
We leave with the first rays of the sun and try to catch the dawn before the observation platform of the base camp. We will meet the sun, which quietly sneaks from the tops of Mardi Himal, Machapuchari, Annapurna and slowly illuminates everything around with its radiance.

The planes turn into volumes, the mountains are filled with shadows and come to life in full view. It does not need anything here - just admire, be inspired, be absorbed in the sun, boundless, feel like an invisible part of the vast world.

Here we will necessarily freeze and therefore more cheerfully we will run down to a warm stove in our mountain hotel for breakfast. And after, happy we'll start down the Low Camp.

Day 7. Low Camp (2900m) - Sidding (1800m).
Gradually we will move down closer to heat, hot water, electricity, a variety of local food and the Internet. (Optional jeep ride to Pokhara same day)

Day 8. Sidding-Pokhara.
Today is a jeep ride to Pokhara.
We will enjoy the comfort and warmth, walk around the town, explore the skies and paraglide or pause for a while on a boat on the lake. And we can relax and bask in the spa or lie back in the warm haze of the Nepalese sun. For those who are interested, we can organize visit Children's village - social project for children.

Day 9. Pokhara-Kathmandu.
This day we will move to Kathmandu and will be there in the evening.

Day 10. Kathmandu.
We can walk along the interesting places of Kathmandu, buy souvenirs or just have a rest.

Day 11. We are flying home

* In our program we have an extra day included in case if the weather or other factors will cause us to be late in schedule. Guide is the one who makes the decision to change the schedule.

*we might change our itinerary due to the weather, road conditions, physical conditions of the group members and other unexpected reasons

Included in the price:

● twin shared accommodation hotel in Kathmandu and lodges on the trek

● Jeep from Sidding to Kathmandu

● private transport in Kathmandu.

● trekking permits and TIMS

● English, Russian Guide available only

● Kathmandu airport transfers

Not included in the price:

● food (estimated about 15-20USD per day)

● travel and trekking insurance

● porter service(if needed about 200USD)

● any unexpected medical expenses

● single accommodation in hotels and lodges (120 USD)

Cancellation fees:

200 USD. 2 weeks before Trekk

300 USD 1 week before Trekk

Full cost of track if cancellation is less than a week

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