13-21 APRIL 2019

Trekking in flowering Himalaya. Helambu Valley

The sea of juicy buds of all shades - white, pink, lilac, red, scarlet, purple and even blue!
13-21 April 2019
Trekking in flowering Himalaya. Helambu Valley
Have you ever seen mountains covered with juicy multicolored flowers? This beauty just blows your mind! Our tour to the Flowering Himalayas is a warm spring journey along the mountain slopes of Helambu, which only once a year, in April, are covered with amazing flowers of rhododendrons. Millions of flowers of all shades - white, pink, purple, red, scarlet, purple and even blue!

Bright flowers against the background of snowy peaks and blue sky; Delicate petals as colorful carpet covering the forest paths and trails; juicy buds in the crowns of old-aged trees or in fragile bushes - this magnificence of fabulous Himalayan jungles can not be expressed in words, it touches the depths of the soul!

This tour will be a real pleasure for professional photographers and instagram lovers :) It will definitely suit all the women who dream of having unique photos in the blossoming rhododendron forest against the backdrop of the Himalayan peaks :) Well, the men will definitely like the tour with its stunning views, sunsets, dawns, forests , mountains and beautiful women on the background of blooming rhododendrons :)) And a nice addition to all the beauty will be the search for a red panda in bamboo thickets - to find this beautiful but lazy little animal is not easy, but we will try!
Dates: 13-21 April 2019.
Price: 1050 USD.
Advanced payment till 1st March 2019: 300 USD.
Group — 4- 9 person.
Watch our video from the last tour
Watch our video from the last tour
Trekking to the flowering valley of Helambu is a relatively easy, very beautiful and interesting journey in which we will walk, contemplate, take pictures, rest and just enjoy the unique panoramas of the Himalayas from a height of 3500 m
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